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You Spin Me 'Round
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You Spin Me 'Round

Want to try another fun indoor workout? Give Spinning a try! It is a great total-body workout that, if done correctly, will leave you panting like a dog with a big pool of sweat underneath your bike when you are done. Sounds appetizing, no? But it works!

You will basically be doing an intense cardiovascular workout on a stationary bike. Spin classes usually last about 45 minutes, and you can burn up to 450 calories in a session. And, with the right instructor, it can be really fun!

Spinning was created in the late 1980s by renowned cyclist Johnny Goldberg ("Johnny G") as a way to help him train for bike races. Since then, it has become a popular workout staple offered by almost every gym in the country.

One of the best things about Spinning is that it's never boring! Your instructor will play loud, upbeat music and will talk you through different parts of the "trail" you are on. Expect to hear something like this: "Now we're going up a long hill. We're almost there! Feel the burn and keep going!" (Interval training and climbing "hills" are regular parts of the Spin routine.) The time really flies by - it's like a dance party on your bike!

During a Spin class, the instructor will have you change the resistance on the bike and will vary the pace. You will often be pedaling while standing up on your bike, which targets even more muscle groups. And don't worry if you aren't a world-class cyclist; you can tailor the routine to your own fitness level by changing the resistance and the speed. Remember, you're here to burn calories, not compete in the Tour de France!

Spinning is also a great cardio workout for people who aren't super coordinated. (You know who you are!) If you can ride a bike, you can Spin. If you are too intimidated to take a group class at first, many gyms have stationary bikes on the main floor where you can create your own "Spin class" by varying your speed and resistance. However, once you get more comfortable, I definitely recommend trying out a group class. Group exercise can be very motivating, and you can bring your friends and family with you.

Just don't forget to also bring your bottle of water - you'll need it!

Have you tried Spinning classes? What's your experience with indoor cycling workouts?


Adib Sabree
Hmmm, now that COVID-19 is going away, I may take a class as recommended.
I tried, but I had two disc removed at bottom of spine. I find it hurts too much too much to sit on those tiny seats