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What To Do After The Sugar Detox
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What To Do After The Sugar Detox

You’ve had 7 days without sugar and you feel great! Now, you’re ready to keep this feeling going, but…what do you do next?

Thankfully, there’s lots of ways to stay motivated and keep up the healthy lifestyle you’ve already started. And, you’ll still get to enjoy lots of delicious food. Because I don’t know about you, but I like to eat!

Start a New, Healthy Lifestyle

During this sugar detox, I saw this kind of comment over and over again:

“It’s not just about the 7 days. I’m here for a healthy lifestyle.”

This is the absolute best way to think about your health and diet! In fact, that’s how you go “beyond diet” and into a lifetime of health. And I made a monthly plan that makes healthy living as easy as possible.

With LiveSmart, you get an online magazine from me every month. And each month, you get 4 weeks of totally new meal plans and detailed shopping lists to go along with them!

Not to mention, each LiveSmart issue comes packed with motivational and helpful articles, videos, and how-to’s from yours truly, all to help you live your healthy lifestyle with ease. It’s like an accountability buddy delivered to your inbox!

Plus, there are exclusive deliveries to LiveSmart members, like inspirational success stories and extra tasty dessert recipes. Yes, I said dessert! With LiveSmart you learn how to celebrate the joy in all kinds of food (sweet treats included), all while losing weight and living the healthy life you deserve.

Join my monthly program to live a healthy life — the easy way » 

Give Yourself a 30-Day Challenge

Now that you’ve conquered sugar for 7 days (and those sugar-free days went by super quick), you might be ready to move to a slightly longer challenge.

Studies show that it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit. So, if you dive into a 30-day program (complete with done-for-you meal plans and shopping lists), your healthy habits will practically be set in stone by the time the month is up.

And we've got just the thing...

30-Day Gut Renewal is designed to cleanse the body, heal the gut, accelerate your metabolism, and reduce adrenal fatigue. Oh, and you'll continue losing stubborn pounds...

If you felt less bloated and more energized by getting off of sugar for a short week, then these next 30 days will take you to the next level.

Heal your gut in 30 days »

Move On Up to the BDsuperCleanse

During the detox, I got lots of questions like “I feel deprived, what CAN I eat?”

So, I created a program that gives you all the answers. The BDsuperCleanse lays out every single meal for a deeper, 9-day detox.

Since you’ve already detoxed from sugar, this 9-day cleanse will be a breeze! Plus, you’ll learn how to enjoy a wide variety of natural, anti-inflammatory foods and take all the processed junk out of your diet.

Just like the sugar detox, this cleanse is full of real food. So, you’ll feel even better, learn habits for a healthy life, and stay full for all 9 days.

Take the next step towards a lifetime of health with my favorite cleanse »

Keep the Detox Going

If you feel amazing without sugar in your life, why bring it back? It’s perfectly healthy to stay on the sugar detox as long as you want. After an extra week of no sugar, you’ll feel your cravings reduce even more and your tastes will start to change. That soda you thought you needed every afternoon? Suddenly, it’s way too sweet!

Now, I know going without sugar long-term is no simple task. So, I created a few programs to turn this detox into a lifetime of healthy eating…the easiest way possible!

You Can Do It!

Whichever plan you choose, use the success of this cleanse to stay motivated.

Feel free to stay and chat in the 7-Day Sugar Detox Facebook Group. I’ll be there to answer questions and post an extra recipe or two.

And if you need meal planning inspiration, check out the Recipes section of the Beyond Diet site. We’ve got over 3000 recipes, so you definitely won’t get bored!

Congratulations again on completing the 7-Day Sugar Detox! You’re closer than ever to your goals and I know you can do it!


Julia del Valle
Soy miembre hace mas de un año y no he usado el programa porque solo veo los comentarios. Quiero empezar el sugar detox pero no se de que se trata ya que no encuentro en la pagina que es lo que debo hacer. Gracias
Stacy Fonda
I started the sugar detox in JUNE. I FEEL WONDERFUL. I am going to continue with this for a while. I would like to try the 9day cleanse...but would like more info on the types of foods that are necessary Thank you😀
Hi I’m Linda i finished my 9 days cleanse diet and i feel great right now. I have an elbow pain in my left extremity, and it’s gone. My b/p always normal, am so excited to wake up because i want to know how much grams i lost, for the day. Thank you BD.
Hi I’m Linda i finished my 9 days cleanse diet and i feel great right now. I have an elbow pain in my left extremity, and it’s gone. My b/p always normal, am so excited to wake up because i want to know how much grams i lost, for the day. Thank you BD.
Lorraine G.

Hey Sherry! Come on over to the 7 Day Sugar Detox facbook group to gain access to all the 7 Day Sugar Detox info.

Sherry Casey
where do I find a copy of the 7 day sugar detox diet that I can print
Rebecca T.
Hi Yvonne! The cleanse included with the 30 Day Transformation is separate from the 9 day Super Cleanse which can be ordered by itself. They are both great cleanses that will help your body eliminate toxins and shed unwanted fat.
I am a bit confused, if I order the 30 day plan, it contains a 9 day cleanse. Is this the same 9 day cleanse that you can order separately? or is it different?
ernestina olvera
excited about this new journey with BD
Coach Jen

All that matters Karen is that you are here now!! If you want to start receiving the Livesmart and answer any questions you may have! The Livesmart is a monthly digital publication! Contact Us and we will get you on your path toward health or your can check out the Livesmart here!

Karen Franklin
I joined BD a little over a year ago and received your book and program but due to many of life’s “diversions” I never really got started. How do I get plugged in to receiving your programs and starting Live Smart . Is there a yearly fee or how does it work! I am ALL in and ready to fell my best! Thanks in advance for your help!
I had some setbacks last week so plan to do the 7 day sugar detox again this week. I may sign up for another program afterwards but I have some concerns on how much green salads and raw veggies are included in the menus (I have some digestive issues with these that have resulted in hospitalization)
The 7-day sugar detox was an eye-opener for me. Now I want to continue, but I'm doubting if I will sign up for Beyond Diet or one of the challenges. I fear too many of the ingredients are not available in the Netherlands ...
Ruth Ringler
I made it and my family survived also. I feel so much better and was surprised at myself for being able to say no to sweets. Thank you for putting this group together.
Cheryl Neubeck
Should you be looking at the nutrition label with sugar grams or just the ingredients?
Heidi Everitt
I never realized how many foods contain added sugar. This group was a great support. Thank you
Thank you for putting this group together, it really helped me to read labels in foods and not having sugar was a good thing to my body! I'm trying to decide if I should do the 9 days or monthly membership. Thank you again 😊
Graciela Miller
This week has been a great experience. Thank you for putting this together. I am trying to figure it out if doing another week of sugar detox or go to the 9 day cleanse.