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The Ultimate Grilling Recipe Roundup
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The Ultimate Grilling Recipe Roundup

Summer’s almost over (how is that possible?!). But before the leaves start to fall, you still have a chance to make the most of one of our favorite cooking tools — the grill!

Not only is it great to get out of the kitchen when the sun is shining, but grilling is easy, fast, and adds a wonderful extra flavor to every meal.

To celebrate these last days of summer, here are our favorite BBQ side salads and grilling recipes for steak, veggies, and everything in between.


Lime and Chili Grilled Chicken

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The simple marinade makes the chicken extra juicy and flavorful (with very little prep). Serve with rice, quinoa, or your favorite salad.


Grilled Cracked Pepper and Herb Steak

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Steak, olive oil, and spices are all you need for this hearty dinner. The dry rub gives the steak extra flavor with a nice pepper-y kick!


Sweet and Spicy Grilled Chicken

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The combination of curry, ginger, and cumin give the chicken a rich flavor, while the grilled pineapple adds an unexpectedly delicious touch of sweetness.


Meatloaf Burger

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Take your comfort food to the grill with these savory burgers. All of the classic meatloaf flavor with only whole, healthy ingredients.


Grilled Zucchini and Summer Squash

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A grilled veggie delight! Super easy to prepare and even faster to cook, this hearty squash is a perfect side dish (or main course if you’re in a meatless mood).


Green Quinoa Salad

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The combination of lime, sweet grapes, raw veggies, fresh herbs, and creamy avocado makes this salad overwhelmingly healthy and downright delicious.


Bare Bones Chicken Salad


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This chicken salad can be eaten on a piece of sprouted grain bread, over a bed of lettuce, or all by itself!


Honey Butter Grilled Sweet Potatoes

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Honey butter – do we need to say more? This sweet and savory sweet potato dish pairs perfectly with burgers or chicken breast.


Turkey Black Bean Burgers

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This filling meal is a great source of fiber and a great way to mix up your regular burger routine. Serve on a bed of lettuce with those Honey Butter Sweet Potatoes for a truly delicious meal.


Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Rosemary-Mustard Rub

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Pork and mustard – a match made in heaven! This easy rub has only 6 ingredients and you can marinate in advance to get even more flavor out of every bite.


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