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The End of All Disease: Your Answer to the Weight Loss Plateau
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The End of All Disease: Your Answer to the Weight Loss Plateau

This article is extremely important for anyone who has ever said to themselves…

“I’m doing everything right…but I’m still not losing weight!! What is going on?!”

I just finished reading a great book called “The End of All Disease” by my friend and best-selling author Jesse Cannone.

I love all of Jesse’s books because he and I agree a lot in our approach to helping people lose weight and get rid of pain.

This book taught me a perspective that I had never heard of before, nor had I ever even considered, which is why I can’t wait to tell you…

I know that you’re going to get a lot out of it just like I did. Ok, here goes…

All health conditions can be traced to just 3 causes (yes, just 3): excess, deficiency, and stagnation.

Once you understand this very simple concept, that Jesse explains in much greater detail in his book, you will probably never look at your own pain or weight problem the same way, ever again.

Your health and your body should be at a point of homeostasis…that is, in ideal balance for good health and ideal weight. This ideal balance, or homeostasis, is often lost because of the 3 reasons I just gave you:

    #1: Excess (“too much”)

    #2: Deficiency (“too little”)

    #3: Stagnation (“too slow”)

Let’s look at a few examples where this may be present in your life (and mine).

Let’s say you drink too much coffee, soda, or caffeinated drinks (something I was doing for many years of my life), you’ll have too much caffeine (excess) in your system, as well as some other junk that may have come along with it.

Since caffeine is a diuretic that causes you to urinate a lot, you’ll have too little water (deficiency) left in your body. Water is a critical part of your body’s health and dehydration can lead to kidney problems, migraines, spinal compression, and cardiovascular impediments.

It can also lead to your digestion and bowels not moving properly (stagnation) causing gas, bloating, and painful infrequent bowel movements.

The example above is quite common, and Jesse gives many other common examples of where the excess, deficiency, stagnation model may be showing up in your own health.

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Let’s take another example that was the case for me when I first started changing my eating habits and one I see in the Beyond Diet community quite often.

If you’ve eaten too much (excess) of the wrong types of foods for quite a while…fried foods, chips, crackers, and refined pastries…it’s likely you are carrying around excess fat on your body, potentially putting unneeded strain on your muscles and joints.

This can lead to an inability to participate in much needed exercise (deficiency)…even light walking…because of the pain caused by the excess weight. Furthermore, this issue can cause slowed blood flow throughout the veins and arteries of your body, triggering a slowed delivery of oxygen to the muscles and cells (stagnation).

Take a minute to think about your habits and how you might be getting stuck in one of these 3 causes…

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