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The Calcium Lie We've All Been Told
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The Calcium Lie We've All Been Told

“You need calcium for strong bones."

Sound familiar?

That’s exactly what my father was told a while back by his doctor and I couldn’t disagree more, but I'll get to that in a second…

My dad is an anomaly as far as modern medicine is concerned. He’s 78 years young and has never been on any prescription medications ever (yep, you heard that right…EVER).

Sure, he has the occasional cold, infection or medical issue that requires some temporary form of medication, but as far as the typical meds you see most men his age taking daily, he requires none.

He does however, and has for almost 50 years now, maintained a detailed supplement regime that he never misses. Every morning he takes…

  1. Omega 3s
  2. Daily Energy
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Ground flax seeds (to stay regular)

So why did the doctor tell this perfectly healthy man to take a calcium supplement?

Well it comes back to that age old statement above, “calcium makes strong bones.”

My dad is quite a slim man – about 5’ 5”, 135 pounds – so the doctor was concerned that his bones could potentially be weak with his very small frame. He also knows that my dad doesn’t drink much milk, so the doctor wanted him to get calcium from somewhere else.

(Note: This is NOT a statement I agree with. If you’d like some further explanation read the "Dairy" chapter of the Beyond Diet Manual, “3 Step Fat Loss”.)

But back to my dad…

Being the good patient that he is, my dad went ahead and followed through with the doctor’s recommendations and added a calcium supplement to his daily regimen.

Only 2 weeks later, my dad complained of feeling overly fatigued, which is very unlike him. In fact, he’s the most energetic 78 year old I know and I often find him running around the back yard with my kids.

After a few more days of feeling "off" he finally realized the correlation between his new calcium supplement and his lack of energy.

Honestly, I was kind of angry…well pretty angry actually. And here’s why…

Last year I was lucky enough to read The Calcium Lie II by Dr. Robert Thompson, and I learned that just handing out extra calcium to people is NOT what you need.

This groundbreaking book explains why focusing on only one mineral, as opposed to the variety of minerals people actually need for strong bones, is the biggest lie we’ve been told by the medical industry.

Upon reading this eye opening book, I immediately purchased a mineral supplement for myself and my family and included that into my supplement regimen.

And my dad did the same thing. He ditched the calcium supplement that had made him feel poorly and instead is now using mineral drops (and yes he did clear this with his doctor).

This year, that same phenomenal book, The Calcium Lie II, has been updated with even more lifesaving information and it’s available to you today completely free.

Absolutely no payment necessary for this life changing information! And I know you’re going to love it as much as I do.

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