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Spice up your life!
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Spice up your life!

About a week into any diet, almost everyone trying to lose weight has the same thought:

"These salads and grilled chicken meals are great, but I don't know if I'll stay on this plan if everything is so bland."

We've gotten so used to eating processed foods, prepackaged and prepared for us, that we're missing the treasure trove of options that can spice up our meals and help us lose weight. Best of all, if you bought a spice rack when you moved into your house or apartment, chances are you already have everything you need to make a delicious, nutritious, fat burning meal in your kitchen!

Herbs and spices are a fantastic addition to any dish. You could literally have chicken for dinner every night for a week and never make it the same way twice. The next time you're worried about preparing a bland dinner, consider tossing in these spices to put some flavor and fat burning pep in your entree.

Chili peppers - My family loves spicy food, and chili peppers are sure to make an appearance at any family gathering. Research has shown that the presence of chili peppers in your food may suppress appetite. Plus, the capsaicin may help you lose weight by revving your metabolism.

Cinnamon - It's not just for baked goods anymore! Cinnamon is a great seasoning for meat dishes. Another plus, it helps lower blood pressure.

Cumin - Not only is cumin incredibly versatile - use it as a seasoning on chicken, beans, (whole grain) rice, among others - it may also boost immunity, aid digestion, and speed your metabolism.

Ginger - Researchers believe ginger may have a thermogenic effect on your metabolism, speeding it up to help you burn calories and lose weight more quickly. And anyone who's ever had an upset stomach knows about the wonders of ginger tea.

Turmeric - If you like it hot, you're probably familiar with this spice, a component in most curries. But researchers are currently studying whether turmeric may actually help in the fight against obesity. There's some evidence that the active ingredient in turmeric - curcumin - may reverse insulin resistance.

Garlic - Another Renaissance spice, garlic may actually be more versatile than cumin. But when it comes to health and wellness, this spice has earned a place at the top of the heap. To get the maximum health benefit from garlic, buy it fresh - not chopped or canned - and crush it yourself. Just don't eat too much if you want to snuggle up with someone special.


Coach Jen
Hi Josie! For optimal freshness and taste, it is best to use spices before their expiration date :)
Josie Willis
Does it matter if the spices expire or not?