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Sometimes Grocery Shopping Makes Me So Angry
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Sometimes Grocery Shopping Makes Me So Angry

Sometimes grocery shopping makes me so angry!

That's right, even I get angry sometimes.

It's just plain wrong how many "diet" foods fill the shelves and frozen-food aisles at your typical supermarket. It's wrong how manufacturers make unhealthy food seem healthy. It makes me angry, and I hope after reading this it makes you angry, too.

You see, so-called "diet" foods may help you lose a few pounds now, but they will hurt you in the long run, and they may even make it harder to lose weight the next time around. For example, low-fat yogurt with the added sweetener aspartame not only contains unneeded artificial ingredients, but the sweetener itself "feeds" your sweet tooth, making you crave sugar even more.

And baked potato chips? They're just fake food parading as a healthier version of one of the least healthy food choices there is!

Why are all these dolled-up versions of fat and sugar and chemicals marketed as if they're the best thing since sliced bread? (Remember, even whole-grain sliced bread isn't great for you!) How are people supposed to make their way through the maze of marketing lies and "all-natural" and "low-fat" claims to get to the good stuff?

It's so frustrating! So, I started thinking about what it would take to help people navigate the grocery store easily. I remember when I was starting on my own healthy journey years ago (time flies!), and I had no clue where to begin with grocery shopping. What's good for you? What isn't? Especially at the beginning of a journey towards a new way of eating, some of us just need to be told what to buy and what to eat.

That's exactly why I put together a new program called Beyond Diet Edge.

As a nutritionist, I really believe in educating people about the effects that different foods have on our bodies, which is why I give you so much information in the Beyond Diet program. But, I also get requests from clients, family, and friends begging me to just tell them exactly what they should eat to lose weight. For whatever reason (being too busy, feeling overwhelmed, etc.), they just want to be given a road map to losing weight quickly, sans tons of information. "Please, Isabel, just make it really simple and tell me exactly what to eat and when!"

I get it. Transitioning into a healthy lifestyle and changing your diet can be very scary and intimidating, and it can seem like a lot of work. That is where Beyond Diet Edge comes in. It is like a mini-version of Beyond Diet. I've done all the work for you - all you have to do is follow my meal and exercise plans (I only require you to work out every other day - that isn't too bad!) and you will lose weight quickly.

Beyond Diet Edge is designed to help you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Give me 21 days, and I will give you accelerated weight loss. I even add a bonus fourth week of meal plans for those who really want to shed a lot of weight quickly. All you have to do is print out the shopping list, cook your food, and follow a simple exercise routine.

As you start to see and feel your body change, maybe you will become more interested in nutrition and understanding why it is so important eat grass-fed beef and why some fats are actually very instrumental in helping you lose weight. But for now, you just want to lose 20 pounds to get yourself motivated. I promise you, Beyond Diet Edge can do just that.