Smoked Salmon Salad
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Smoked Salmon Salad

Submitted by: HopefulOne

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 3

Great way to add some protein to a salad.


  • 1 onion, any type, organic
  • 1 tbs. olive oil, extra virgin, unrefined and unfiltered, organic
  • 1 tbs. lime juice, pure, organic
  • 4 radishes, fresh, organic
  • 1/2 lrg. cucumber, fresh, organic
  • 1 hndfl. cilantro, bunch, fresh, organic
  • 6 1/2 oz. salmon, smoked, wild-caught


Cut the radishes and cucumber in 
half and thinly slice. Finely chop the spring onion and put everything into 
a bowl. Add the coriander, olive 
oil and lime juice, and mix well. Serve with the smoked salmon.