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Double Garlic Broccoli

Orange Icon  Double Garlic Broccoli

Orange Icon  Double Garlic Broccoli

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Submitted by: Thea Dahlberg

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 10 Minutes

Servings: 4

We enjoyed something like this at an Asian restaurant on vacation. I found a recipe on-line on a vegan website. I adapted it a bit to meet BD requirements, including using organic ingredients. The only thing that is not recommended is the toasted sesame oil; however, it really gives the added flavor. If anyone finds another oil substitute, please leave it in the comments.

  • 4 c. broccoli, fresh, organic
  • 1 tbs. coconut oil, raw, extra-virgin, organic
  • 8 clove garlic, fresh, organic
  • 1 tsp. red pepper flakes, crushed, organic
  • 1/4 c. water, purified
  • 2 tbs. soy sauce, wheat-free, organic
  • 1/2 c. cashews, raw, organic

1, Heat the vegetable oil in a wok or other stir-fry pan over high heat. 2. Add the garlic and chili flakes and let cook for 30 seconds, then add the broccoli and toss together. 3. Turn down the heat to medium-high and add the water, for 4-7 minutes until the broccoli has softened. 4. Add the soy sauce, cashews, and sesame oil. 5. Serve as a side dish or as a main over brown rice.