Black Bean and Tomatoes
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Black Bean and Tomatoes

Submitted by: Linda Dowd

Prep Time: 7 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 6

This is a great for an afternoon snack or lunch.


  • 15 oz. black beans, canned, organic
  • 1 med. tomatoes, red, fresh, organic
  • 1 tbs. onion, red, organic
  • 1 tbs. cilantro, fresh, organic
  • 1 tsp. olive oil, extra virgin, unrefined and unfiltered, organic
  • 2 tbs. lime juice, pure, organic


Drain and rinse beans. Chop tomato, onion, and cilantro. Gently mix all the ingredients. This travels well in a lunch box. This is good chilled, but is ready to eat right away.