Coconut Oil
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Coconut Oil

Submitted by: Karen Grant

Prep Time: 0 Seconds

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 5

Good and not too hard a way of making coconut oil. This way keeps in the most nutrients.


  • 2 coconut, fresh young, organic


Natural Fermentation

It is better to start with small quantities and if you are satisfied with the end product, you can then try large quantities. Take two to three coconuts and remove the husks and shells. Keep the coconut water aside.
Grate the coconut meat and fill it in a net bag. Now you have to hold the bag tightly and press it with your palms, to extract the coconut milk. Dip the net bag in coconut water and press it again to extract more milk.
In order to prepare coconut oil through natural fermentation (cold processing), you have to mix the remaining coconut water with the milk and fill the mixture in a transparent glass jar. Allow the jar to remain at room temperature (around 32 degree Celsius) for about 20 hours.
This allows the water to settle at the bottom. You can find oil floating above the water and above the oil, there will be a layer of protein, which is white in color. You can then filter the oil, which will be colorless or pale yellow in color.