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Pork Burger on Portobello

Orange Icon  Pork Burger on Portobello

Orange Icon  Pork Burger on Portobello

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Submitted by: Sonia Lacroix

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 1

My husband made these and they are delicious!! He and the kids used burger buns but I had them on portobello mushrooms caps! Yum Makes 10-12 patties!

  • 2 lbs. pork, ground, organic
  • 1 tbs. onion powder, organic
  • 1 egg, omega-3, cage-free, organic
  • 2 mushrooms, Portobello, organic

Mix the firs 2 ingredients and make your burger patties.

grill on BBQ with portobello mushroom caps, stem removed.

Make your burger and top as you like (I added some cheese and spinach to mine and a little sweet mustard)

To calculate mu serving I weighed the burgers cooked, they where 2.5 oz each so I had two patties, one side portobello mushroom, one side spinach leaves. It gave me 5 oz of protein, 2 portions of carbs and my cheese was my fat!