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Salmon with Dill Cream Sauce

Orange Icon  Salmon with Dill Cream Sauce

Orange Icon  Salmon with Dill Cream Sauce

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Submitted by: Edward Cercone

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 2

this is a BD take on an old recipe of mine. if it's not just the same, it's better!

  • 8 oz. salmon, fresh, wild-caught
  • 1 tbs. coconut oil, raw, extra-virgin, organic
  • 4 oz. yogurt, greek, plain, full-fat, plain, organic
  • 2 dill weed, fresh, organic
  • 3 green onion, fresh, organic
  • 1 tbs. milk, full-fat, raw, grass-fed or pastured cows, organic
  • sea salt, unrefined and pure to taste
  • garlic powder, organic to taste

heat the coconut oil in a small pan on medium heat and when it's nice and hot, place fish in, skin side up (if it doesn't sizzle, quick take it out, and wait a bit longer, or it may stick later). cover the pan and let it sit. mix yogurt, dill, and scallion in a bowl. add milk to thin it. add salt and garlic powder to taste. the fish should only take a few minutes to cook. using a metal spatula, remove the skin if you want, and place the fish flesh side up on a plate. it should have a beautiful rich orange crust. spoon 1-2 tbsp of sauce over each serving. put some nice raw veggies on the side. enjoy!