Yummy Chicken & Rice
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Yummy Chicken & Rice

Submitted by: Monica Brinkman

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 30 Minutes

Servings: 4

This fast and easy recipe will fill that hunger cavity. A great luncheon or dinner meal the entire family will love. This is my husband's favorite meal.


    2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

    1 lbs. ground chicken

    1 3/4 c. frozen green peas

    1 c. brown rice

    8 oz. diced tomatoes, canned

    3 clove garlic

    2 tbsp. cilantro, bunch, fresh, organic

    sea salt & black pepper to taste


Use a pot with a tight fitting lid to cook brown or wild rice. Pour 2 cups water into pan. Once water is boiling, add 1 cup rice, place lid on pan and turn heat to low. Allow rice to simmer for approximatley 30 minutes.

While rice is boiling, finely chop cilantro and garlic. Heat a large frying pan using medium heat. Add 1-2 tbl of oil. I use Olive Oil but coconut oil or butter will work also. Add ground chicken to frying pan, stir and cook until pink color is gone. Add chopped garlic and cilantro. (Be sure to add salt and pepper at this time) Add peas and diced tomatoes (I buy diced with a bit of green chiles to add spice)

Stir and together and cover with lid for about 10 - 15 minutes for flavors to mix Add cooked rice to frying pan and stir