Vegetable Stock
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Vegetable Stock

Submitted by: Jennifer Weis

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 8 Hours

Servings: 16

Making vegetable stock from leftover vegetable peels and/or vegetables that have seen better days is quick and easy. It will also save you some money and you'll know that the vegetable broth you are using is made from only fresh ingredients with no added preservatives.


    8 c. water

    4 c. mixed vegetables


When you're cooking with vegetables there are portions that you don't use - like the first layer of an onion (not brown skin), carrot peels, cucumber peels, ends of lettuce - or maybe some vegetables in your fridge have seen better days - red/yellow/green peppers (but not rotten). I keep a large freezer bag in the freezer to save all these scraps. When it's full I put them all in the slow cooker cover with water and slow cook for 8 or more hours. Strain really well and store in 2 cup size plastic tubs. Put them in the freezer and you always have vegetable both on hand! Be creative....I've even tossed in jalapenos!