Sweet Potato Soup
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Sweet Potato Soup

Submitted by: Jules Abdul

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 20 Minutes

Servings: 1

In one of my meal plans, I'm allowed to have about 4oz of sweet potato which is approximately 1/2 a cup and is an allowable serving according to DSP. I turned it into a soup so that I could add some variety to my meal. It is fast and easy to make. This week, I took some leftover sweet potato which I had steamed and frozen and used that in my soup. Waste not want not!


    1/2 c. sweet potato

    1 sml. tomato

    1/4 sml. onion

    sea salt & black pepper to taste

    1 tsp. coconut oil

    1 1/2 c. water


Slice the onion into thin pieces and fry with the coconut oil until caramelised or slightly burnt - this will give the soup more flavour. Slice the tomato into cubes and add to the pan and saute with a little water. Add the sweet potato (frozen or just steamed) and add the rest of the water and bring to boil. Add the pepper and salt to taste. If you like, you can use some other spices, like paprika or add a little organic chicken stock to the soup mixture. Puree the mixture and it will come out nice and creamy.

You can also add a little lemon juice if you like it tangy and garnish it with some chopped spring onion. My husband and I had this today for dinner along with our chicken and vegetables and it was just perfect to counter the rain and cold outside. Hope you like it too!