Sweet Potato and Kale Stuffing
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Sweet Potato and Kale Stuffing

Submitted by: Miranda Zirnbauer

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 5 Minutes

Servings: 6

This wonderfully delicious gluten-free stuffing is marvelous in portobello mushrooms!


    1 sweet potato

    6 kale

    3 garlic

    1 sml. onion

    1/2 c. fresh parsley

    5 pce. sun-dried tomatoes

    6 cherry tomato

    1/2 fresh rosemary

    dried oregano to taste

    dried thyme to taste


Chop kale and dried tomatoes in food processor. Saute minced onions and very thinly sliced sweet potatoes. When done, add chopped parsley, chopped rosemary, and oregano and thyme (as desired). Cook until done. Use the stuffing to fill mushrooms, peppers, etc. or just serve with the fresh cherry tomatoes on top with a little grass-fed butter!