Strawberry Boost à la V.
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Strawberry Boost à la V.

Submitted by: Vera

Prep Time: 4 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 1

Snack meal that quenches thirst and hunger. 2 PROTEIN + 1 CARB.


    1/2 c. canned coconut milk

    1 c. strawberries

    1 oz. pistachios, raw, organic

    1 pinch coconut sugar

    1/2 c. ice


Put all the ingredients in a small blender and mix until desired consistency. Done!

If you feel like a cold drink, use ice cubes. If you want something warm and soothing, boil some water and pour it in before the go in the blender.

Use self made organic coconut milk, organic strawberries, raw, organic pistachios ( has some awesome ones), and filtered water/cubes.