Steamed Tuna Steak Italiano
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Steamed Tuna Steak Italiano

Submitted by: Christin Stavropoulos

Prep Time: 17 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 2

Steamed tuna streak with an Italian flair...liquid base good for soup for another meal. This is good for diabetics and pescatariens (like a vegetarian only only eat fish instead of red meat/poultry/pork)


    2 c. bell pepper, any color

    1/2 slc. garlic powder

    2 tbsp. fresh oregano

    1/4 tomato sauce

    1 dsh. white wine

    1 dsh. extra virgin olive oil

    1 yellowfin tuna


Put all ingredients, fish first, into a steamer (bowl attachment). Steam up to 45 min...frozen fish will be best at long cook time...When done save the sauce and some veg in fridge (or add more veg later on). Use sauce again for another fish steam only add a little bit more spaghetti again for another meal...this will be a good soup base...add more veggies and boil. Great soup!