Spiced Nut Sprinkle
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Spiced Nut Sprinkle

Submitted by: Erika Harms

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 1

I often enjoy some soaked nuts as one of my snacks for the day. I got tired of plain nuts and started adding a little sea salt to them. Then I had an idea, why not make a spice mix that I could sprinkle on them? I looked up several recipes for spiced nuts and came up with this mix of my own. Use on raw soaked almonds, cashews, pecans or your nut of choice.


    1 tbsp. sea salt

    1 tbsp. cinnamon

    1 tbsp. ground allspice

    1 tbsp. garlic powder

    1 tbsp. chili powder


Mix together and store in an old spice jar with a sprinkle top lid. Sprinkle desired amount on soaked nuts for a delicious snack.

Feel free to change or add ingredients of your own, add a dash Cayenne pepper if you like a little more kick or more sea salt if you like it more salty. Another alternative is to use half cinnamon and half cardamom. I use a red bell pepper powder in place of the chili powder because I'm not suppose to have anything really spicy.

To soak nuts: Soak the nuts in distilled or filtered water according to the the time chart below. Rinse and sprinkle spice mix on top while they are still wet and toss to coat. 1oz or scant 1/4 cup (before soaking) is about 2 proteins. enjoy.

Nut Soaking Times

almonds - Soak 8-12 hours / Sprout 12 hours Brazil nuts - do not soak cashews - Soak 2 - 2 1/2 hours / Sprout NA Macadamia Nuts - do not soak nuts (all others) - Soak 6 hours/ Sprout NA pecans - Soak 4-6 hours / Sprout NA Pine Nuts (pignolias) - do not soak Pistachio Nuts - do not soak Pumpkin Seeds - Soak 8 hours / Sprout 1 day sunflower seeds - Soak 2 hours / Sprout 2-3 days walnuts - Soak 4 hours / Sprout NA