Skillet Bread
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Skillet Bread

Submitted by: Tina Wilson

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 20 Minutes

Servings: 8

Bread is my weakness. Before I found Ezekiel sprouted grain bread, I always used this recipe - I love it!


    1 egg

    1/2 tsp. baking soda

    1/3 c. yogurt

    1 1/2 tsp. extra virgin olive oil

    1/2 c. almond flour

    1/2 c. chickpea flour

    sea salt to taste

    1/2 tsp. dried dill weed

    1 coconut oil


Beat the egg, yogurt, and baking soda. Let it foam for a minute or two and then beat in the olive oil. Add the dill and salt. Add the flours last (you can use 1 full cup of almond flour instead of 1/2 cup almond flour and 1/2 cup chickpea flour). The batter should be thick.

Grease a skillet with coconut oil. Place the skillet over medium heat. For each piece of bread make a pancake using 2 rounded tablespoons of batter dropped onto the skillet. Use a spatula (coated with coconut oil) and spread out the batter. Cook like a pancake on both sides. When done, move the bread to a plate to cool. You can make any shape or size, depending on what you are going to use them for.

Use the bread for an open faced sandwich or make an individual pizza. Wrap extras and store them in the refrigerator. They freeze very well!