Resort Style Bircher Muesli
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Resort Style Bircher Muesli

Submitted by: Peta Dent

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 2

My favorite breakfast. Always feel like I'm indulging when I eat this muesli.


    1 c. oats, whole, dry, organic

    1 lemon

    1/2 c. water

    1 Granny Smith apple

    2/3 c. Greek yogurt

    cinnamon to taste

    honey, raw to taste

    1 fruit, your favorite, fresh, organic

    1 nuts and seeds


Mix oats, lemon juice and water in a bowl and soak overnight.

Add grated apple, yogurt, cinnamon and sweetener and mix to combine.

Divide into 2 or 3 servings. Leftovers will last up to 4 days.

Add fresh fruit and nuts and enjoy.