Probiotic Milk Kefir
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Probiotic Milk Kefir

Submitted by: April

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 1

Ancient Probiotic Cultured Fermented Kefir milk! Prep time doesn't take long in less you make your own home made milk or and dairy free milk but it does take time for it to ferment before consuming or and fridge. you can buy kefir milk- online or in stores. By Donna Schwenk! Powder kefir, culture starter pack or kefir grains, other people who have extra of this multi producing Kefir grains. The serving I did is based off of dairy organic milk. From The Heal Thyself Website:


    1 kefir, organic

    1 kefir, organic


FIRST FERMENT YOUR KEFIR Place fresh Kefir grains in a glass jar and fill the jar up with fresh milk of your choice-(best not to fill jar more than 2/3-3/4 full. Place lid on the jar or plastic wrap and let it sit at room temperature approx. 24 hours or the milk has thicken or sour to the liking (designate spot for Kefir fermentation in a cupboard or away from direct sun light) Strain through a fine mesh strainer to separate the grain from the liquid Kefir. What you have strained is Kefir ready for consumption or you can put it in the fried for later. Wash the jar then place the Kefir grains from the strainer back into the washed jar. ( Do not add Kefir grains to the jar which is hot from washing) Then add fresh milk. Milk kefir in a canning. The whole process is simply repeated for the next batch.

    SECOND FERMENT YOUR KEFIR- Taste better, Healthier in nutrition!

Ingredients: two cups of basic Kefir, one organic orange or lemon, flavoring of your choice like cinnamon stick, vanilla extract, favorite fruit (s), coconut oil. Take the item out after the second ferment or leave them in and store the flavored Kefir in the fridge.

Instruction: Place the Kefir in a glass jar that can be securely sealed. Peal one strip of zest around one time of the lemon or orange. Place the zest in jar with the Kefir and close securely. Leave the jar on the kitchen counter, out of direct sun light, for 24 hours to ferment second time. After 24 hours, transfer jar to the fridge, leaving in the zest. This Kefir can be stored in the fridge in the jar for one year.