Pork n' Apple à la V.
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Pork n' Apple à la V.

Submitted by: Vera

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 1

Quick n'easy lunch or dinner. 4-5 PROTEIN + 1 CARB + 1 FAT


    1 red apple

    6 oz. pork tenderloin

    1 tsp. avocado oil

    1 white pepper


Choose organic apples and natural or organic pork. This meal can be prepared ahead and kept in a box in the fridge. Cut the apple in pieces, no need to peel it first, but remove the core. Cut the amount of pork you need for your meal in pieces. Put 1 tsp avocado oil (or olive oil, raw butter, or coconut oil) in the frying pan and fry everything under lid for 3 minutes. Remove the lid, sprinkle with salt and pepper, turn everything around, sprinkle a little more, put lid back on, and fry for 3 more minutes. Done!