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Persian "Doogh" Beverage

Submitted by: Ann Cartee

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 1

(Pronounced "doog" or "dewg".) I just LOVE this stuff, find it very refreshing and satisfying! I've found many recipes, all vary, so proportions are "YMMV" (your milage may vary) - ie to taste.


    1 yogurt

    1 soda, club

    1 tsp. dried mint

    sea salt to taste


Start with 6-oz plain organic yogurt. (We make our own yogurt from organic milk, and it makes WONDERFUL doogh)

Add 6-12 oz (or to taste) club soda, sparkling mineral water, seltzer, etc. (Seem original recipes just use water, set it out under hot sun for a day to let it ferment and get fizzy.)

Add about 1 tsp dried mint.

Add some Celtic Sea Salt. Most recipes I read called for outrageous (IMO) amounts of salt - like a whole tsp for the above! Blech! Salt to your taste.

Add some ice and stir it all well. (The mint will want to gravitate to the top - do what you can. It's just part of its doogh-ishness.) Pour into glasses, stick straws in them, and enjoy.

Nutrients per serving depend on your proportions and size (and number) of servings. (I can easily drink 2 OR MORE 16-oz cups of this without batting an eye - which was why I needed to find the recipe - I was going broke buying it in kebab joints!) Nutrient-wise, it's basically diluted yogurt.