Oats and Protein Bar
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Oats and Protein Bar

Submitted by: Rachelle Zijlstra

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Cook Time: 15 Minutes

Servings: 10

Tasty healthy bar that is easy to make. Great snack to bring with you!


    3 1/2 c. old-fashioned oats

    2 scp. Spring of Life Plant-Based Protein Powder, chocolate

    1 c. maple syrup

    2 egg white

    1/4 c. orange juice

    1 tsp. vanilla extract

    1 c. dried fruit

    1 tsp. cinnamon

    3 c. milk, raw or organic


Preheat over to 325°F and grease a baking tin or cover with wax paper. The 9x12 baking dish will yield thicker bars. Mix oats, dried fruit, milk, cinnamon, and protein powder in a bowl and blend well. In a separate bowl, combine egg whites, orange juice, and syrup, and blend well. Stir liquid mixture into dry ingredients until blended. The consistency will be thick and similar to cookie dough. Spread batter onto pan and bake until edges are crisp and browned (about 15 minutes) Cut into 10 bars, wrap and store in air tight container, keeps for up to 2 weeks.