Millet Burgers
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Millet Burgers

Submitted by: Sarah Langlais

Prep Time: 30 Minutes

Cook Time: 25 Minutes

Servings: 1



    1 c. millet, organic

    3 c. water

    sea salt & black pepper to taste

    1 coconut oil

    1 c. lettuce

    1/4 c. onion

    1/2 c. tomato


Bring water to a boil. Add millet and reduce heat to simmer/low. Cook until water is absorbed and millet is soft like rice (about 25 minutes).

While millet is cooling off, get a frying pan and heat coconut oil over medium heat.

When millet has cooled enough to handle, form into burger-like patties. Fry them in the coconut oil for a few minutes on each side, until crispy.

Serve over a bed of lettuce with onions and tomato....... YUM! Enjoy.