Mango Ginger Water
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Mango Ginger Water

Submitted by: Carol Cornetta

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 30

This recipe is from Ginger boosts metabolism and helps relieve pain.


    1 fresh ginger

    1 c. frozen mango

    3 c. ice

    1 water


To peel the ginger use the back of a spoon or a veggie peeler, just peel the part that you will be using, not the whole thing. Using a sharp knife slice 3-4 quarter sized slices. You want them about the size and thickness of the coin. Drop into your pitcher and add in the mango. Now top with 3 cups of ice and then top off with water. Place in your fridge for 1-3 hours before serving, drop in a couple frozen mango chunks in a pretty glass for ice cubes when serving, if you used fresh mango chop some up into ice cube sized chunks and toss in freezer when you put the water in the fridge.