Homemade Buckwheat Wraps
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Homemade Buckwheat Wraps

Submitted by: Tracy de Waard

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 5 Minutes

Servings: 4

I love these wraps. Lovely and flexible and quick to make. (Recipe courtesy of Chloe Moir Nutrition)


    1/4 tsp. Italian seasoning

    2 tsp. coconut oil

    3/4 c. water

    3/4 c. flour, buckwheat, organic

    1/4 c. tapioca flour

    2 tbsp. ground flax seeds

    1 pinch sea salt


Combine buckwheat flour, tapioca flour, ground flax seeds, sea salt, and Italian seasoning in a small bowl. Use a whisk to mix together and get out any lumps.

Add water and stir to combine. Let rest for 5 minutes.

Heat coconut oil in a medium flat pan. Add about 1/4 cup of the mixture to the pan, enough so you can spread it out all over the pan.

Cook until the wrap is firm; then flip.

Makes 4 small wraps. Add healthy fillings to make tasty wraps.

Suggestions for fillings: Lettuce, rocket, or greens of choice Chicken or other lean meats, nitrate free ham, pepperoni, or bacon Cheese or Avocado or Isabel's Famous Salad Dressing or hummus Spring onion, tomato, cucumber, carrot, red or green bell pepper Freshly chopped herbs (ex: basil, chives) Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper