Grain-Free Paleo Pancakes
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Grain-Free Paleo Pancakes

Submitted by: Kat

Prep Time: 3 Minutes

Cook Time: 7 Minutes

Servings: 1

Grain free, gluten-free, yummy banana pancakes!


    1 egg

    1 med. banana

    3 tbsp. almond butter

    1 tsp. coconut oil


Mash the banana in a bowl. Add the egg and mix together well. Add the almond butter and stir it all together well. Optional: add cinnamon for taste.

Heat coconut oil in a pan over medium to medium-high heat. Pour half of the batter into the pan. Allow it to cook through on one side before flipping and cooking on the other side.

I top these with my own blueberry syrup that I make using fresh organic blueberries and full fat coconut milk...yummy! I heat the berries and coconut milk on the stove together and break down the berries in the milk as they cook. You can throw some strawberries or raspberries in there as well.