Forbidden Rice with Sweet Potato and Peppers
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Forbidden Rice with Sweet Potato and Peppers

Submitted by: Emily Brown

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 5

This side dish is even more delicious than it is beautiful. I often serve this for company as it has great presentation. Not to mention all of the wonderful nutrients and antioxidants. I usually serve this with organic strip steak soaked in liquid aminos and chili paste just before cooking.


    1 c. black rice

    1 med. sweet potato

    1 red bell pepper

    1 bch. green onion

    1 tsp. coconut aminos

    1 tbsp. coconut oil

    2 garlic


1) Cook rice according to package (1 cup rice to 2 cups water).

2) Meanwhile, wash sweet potato, bell pepper, and green onions.
Cut sweet potato (including skin) into small cubes, about half an inch. Cut the bell pepper into similar sized peices. Chop green onion into small slices. (Optional: mince garlic) Keep all veggies in separate prep bowls because each has a different cook time.

3) In a large nonstick skillet heat 1 teaspoon coconut oil over medium high heat (if you do not have a nonstick skillet you may need more oil). Once well heated, add sweet potatos and cook until browned and tender, remove from pan. Add another half teaspoon coconut oil, once heated, add red pepper and cook until tender and slightly browned, remove from pan. Add green onion (and garlic), stir constantly and cook for about 1 minute then remove from pan.

4) Add one teaspoon coconut oil to pan, then add the cooked rice (this step is not needed if rice is still hot, I prefer to cook rice ahead of time which makes this dish super quick and easy). Stir fry rice for a minute then add veggies. Sprinkle with Liquid Aminos, stir fry 2 minutes longer then serve.