Crazy Easy Homemade (Greek) Yogurt
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Crazy Easy Homemade (Greek) Yogurt

Submitted by: Jennifer Maxwell

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 1

I've been making my own yogurt for years, and it's incredibly simple. Not to mention much cheaper than store bought


    1 whole milk, raw or organic

    3 tbsp. yogurt


For this process you'll need the following "tools": 1. a large pot, with a tight fitting lid, that will easily hold your milk 2. A sink filled with ice water (ie. an ice bath) 3. A heating pad 4. A wooden cutting board (this will keep the heating pad off of your counter) 5. A strainer 6. A large bowl that the strainer can sit over, not in, allowing for at least two inches between the bottom of the strainer and the bottom of the bowl 7. Coffee filters, paper towels, or cheese cloth

First heat the milk over medium high heat just until it starts to steam, and you can no longer comfortably put your finger in it. Remove the pot from the stove and place in the ice bath for about five minutes, or just until a finger can comfortably be put in the milk. Next stir in the 3 tbsp of Dannon Natural yogurt. Remove the pot from the ice bath and dry off the outside. Place the heating pad on the cutting board, and turn the pad on low. Put the lid on the pot and place on top of the heating pad. Wrap the whole thing in the towel and let rest for 9 hours.

When the nine hours is up, place the strainer over the bowl and line with paper towels, coffee filters or a single layer of cheese cloth. When you look in the pot you'll notice that your yogurt is still pretty runny and may have a layer of yellowish liquid (whey) on top. That's how it should look! Save 3 tbsp of this yogurt to use as the starter four your next batch. Pour the yogurt, whey and all, into your strainer, then place in the fridge for 24 hours. After 24 hours in the fridge you should have a bowl full of whey and a strainer full of super thick, oh so good, Greek yogurt.

**You can flavor your yogurt anyway you like, but I like to mix it with a tsp of both vanilla and stevia. I also like to mix it with stevia sweetened pureed berries.

As for all that Dannon Natural Yogurt you have from your first batch, you can either continue to use it as starter (not saving the homemade yogurt), or strain it the same way you did your homemade stuff to turn it into Greek yogurt.