Chop Suey
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Chop Suey

Submitted by: Roslyn Yozura

Prep Time: 0 Seconds

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 4

BD-approved chop suey!


    1 lbs. ground beef

    1 bch. celery stalk, fresh, organic

    2 c. bean sprouts, fresh, organic

    2 med. yellow onion

    1/8 c. tamari, organic

    1/2 c. arrowroot powder


Cook the ground beef (could substitute any ground meat) in a large soup pan. Once cooked add chopped celery and onions. Pour enough water into the pan to cover the mixture. Cook until celery and onions are tender. Then add the bean sprouts. In a bowl put in the arrowroot powder and stir in soy sauce and add water until it is about the consistency of a cup of coffee. Pour and stir the mixture into the chop suey mixture. If chop suey is too thick for you slowly add some more water to it. Serve and enjoy.