Cheese n’ Bacon Topped Pumpkin
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Cheese n’ Bacon Topped Pumpkin

Submitted by: Nancy Kamooneh

Prep Time: 17 Minutes

Cook Time: 45 Minutes

Servings: 2

I took a pumpkin and I decided to go with a kind of nacho topping which means bits of bacon, lots of grated cheddar cheese, a chopped jalapeno and some finely chopped red onions.


    1/2 pumpkin

    1/2 red onion

    4 pce. uncured bacon

    2 tbsp. butter

    2 c. mild cheddar cheese


1.Heat the butter in a frying pan and, when frothing, add the bacon, onions and jalapeno. Fry until the bacon is crispy and then remove everything from the pan with a slotted spoon, retaining the grease. 2.When the grease has cooled a bit (ie you’re in no danger of getting third degree burns), brush it all over the pumpkin half. Season with sea salt and black pepper then place, flesh side down, in a baking dish. 3.Roast at 400 for 45 minutes ’til tender. 4.While the pumpkin is roasting, cut the bacon into small pieces and mix together with the cheese, jalapeno, and onion in a large mixing bowl. 5.Remove the pumpkin from the oven. Flip it over and liberally sprinkle the cheese mix all over – concentrating in particular on the cavity which contained the seeds and pulp. 6.Put it under the grill/broiler for a few minutes until the cheese melts then remove and serve immediately.