Blueberry Banana Whey Smoothie
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Blueberry Banana Whey Smoothie

Submitted by: Bret Burge

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 1

An easy and delicious drink. I make it every morning about 5 minutes before I leave for work.


    1/2 c. frozen blueberries

    1/2 med. banana

    1 tbsp. flax seeds

    8 fl oz. coconut water

    1 scp. Spring of Life Plant-Based Protein Powder, any flavor


Combine blueberries, banana, protein powder, and flaxseed in a blender. Top it with coconut water. Blend on high for about 20 seconds, then low for 10 seconds. Pour and enjoy!

Note: I use frozen blueberries in place of ice because it they are much easier to grind up and aren't as cold. I have used ice as well but I prefer the consistency without. You can try fresh berries with ice and see how that turns out.