Berry Ginger Kale Smoothie
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Berry Ginger Kale Smoothie

Submitted by: Camille Szalma

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 2

I bought a Vitamix with the idea of making raw dark leafy greens a regular part of my diet. Now that I'm using it daily to make this smoothie I can say, "mission accomplished."


    3 c. kale

    1 c. blueberries

    1 c. raspberries

    1 indv. frozen acai berries

    3 tsp. fresh ginger

    10 green grapes


First I put the grapes and any other fruit I have that's not frozen. Then I roughly chop the kale and put it in, then whatever frozen fruit I'm putting in such as the acai berry, then the ginger. If I'm using all frozen fruit I add mint water. Then I secure the lid, flip my Vitamix to low, turn it on, and mash everything down with the provided tamper. Once everything is mixing well, I flip it up to high for a few more seconds before turning it off.

VARIATIONS: Kale isn't the only dark leafy green I have used; I've also put in chard or spinach. Also, the fruits I listed aren't the only ones I've used, although I think it's good to include blueberry because I have heard from so many sources of its health benefits. I have sometimes put banana because of all its health benefits. (In my opinion, the difference in taste between an organic banana and a conventional one far outweighs the price difference.) If I'm desperate to make it sweeter, I finely chop a couple of dates, add more water, and throw them in, although my Vitamix makes noises about it when I do. If it comes out really thick, I pour mint water in the Vitamix cannister after I've poured out the contents; so I feel I'm getting all the goodness of what I made.