Basic BD Dark Chocolate
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Basic BD Dark Chocolate

Submitted by: Don Lieu

Prep Time: 2 Minutes

Cook Time: 25 Minutes

Servings: 12

So I've seen tons of recipes on here for dark chocolate, but all of them use coconut oil and cocoa powder. I've always wondered why people have to use coconut oil as the fat because it melts easily and doesn't taste very authentic. Baker's chocolate can be bought at just about any store, and it can be melted, sweetened BD style, solidified, and cut into squares. Done this way, it can satisfy a severe chocoholic such as myself.


    8 oz. dark chocolate

    2 tbsp. coconut sugar

    1 pinch sea salt


Put all ingredients into a heat safe bowl and steam over lightly boiling water and stir occasionally. It will be hot, so I often stir wearing an oven mitt. When chocolate is fully melted and all ingredients are well mixed, pour into a flat container and place into the fridge until solidified, and then cut into squares. While chocolate is melted, nuts or anything else can be added to the mixture. I learned from a recipe that cayenne pepper really compliments chocolate, so I always add a dash of it.