Asian cabbage wraps
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Asian cabbage wraps

Submitted by: Kimmi

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 15 Minutes

Servings: 3

This is what happens when Kimmi's imagination gets the better of her... WOW these are just plain good!


    1 lbs. ground beef

    1/2 med. onion

    1 tbsp. fresh ginger

    3 garlic

    1/4 c. Unknown (0)

    1 tbsp. tamari, organic

    2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

    1/2 head cabbage

    1 cilantro, bunch, fresh, organic

    1 red pepper flakes

    1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil


in a large skillet add olive oil and garlic to pan and let it heat up for a couple minutes until garlic starts to turn brown. Add in the chopped onion, ginger and ground beef. cook over medium heat until beef is browned and onion is tender. Add in the hoisin sauce, tamari sauce, hot sauce (if you want it spicy) and apple cider vinegar and let cook another couple of minutes. Enough time for the flavors to come together but not so all the moisture is cooked out. Serve the beef mixture on a large cabbage or lettuce leaf and garnish with cilantro and some additional sliced cabbage Drizzle with fresh lime juice. Roll into a wrap and enjoy!

Notes: This would taste great with butter lettuce and if some shredded cabbage was slightly cooked with the beef for the last part as well... maybe try some carrots, green onion, and water chestnuts with it too