3 Minute White Bean Dip
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3 Minute White Bean Dip

Submitted by: Coach Chrissy

Prep Time: 3 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Seconds

Servings: 8

The red wine vinegar gives this white bean dip exactly the little "kick" it needs to take it up a notch!


    red pepper flakes to taste

    15 1/2 oz. cannellini beans

    3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

    1 tbsp. red wine vinegar

    1/4 tsp. garlic powder

    sea salt & black pepper to taste

    2 tbsp. water


Combine the beans, olive oil, vinegar, garlic powder, sea salt and pepper, and cold water in a food processor and blend until smooth. Transfer to a serving bowl, and garnish with crushed red pepper.

One serving is about 2 heaping tablespoons.