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Raspberry Ketone: Weight-Loss Help or Hype?
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Raspberry Ketone: Weight-Loss Help or Hype?

If you’ve been a Beyond Diet member for long, you’ve probably noticed that I spend a lot of time talking about how unhealthy processed, unnatural, and chemically altered foods are for you. I urge all my clients and BD members to cut all processed foods from their diets, if possible.

But there’s a flipside to this. While it’s true that most processed food is bad for you, it’s wrong to assume that everything natural is good. Just because something occurs in nature doesn’t mean you should put it in your body!

Take, for example, raspberry ketone, which you’ve probably heard of if you keep up to date on the latest health and fitness news.

Raspberry ketone is a chemical that occurs naturally in raspberries and gives them their pleasant, fruity smell. Raspberry ketone is also used in perfumes, cosmetics, and as a flavoring additive in other food products.

You’ve probably heard that raspberry ketone can also help you drop excess body fat and create the trim, lean body you’ve been pining after. Raspberry ketone has only been talked about as a weight-loss supplement for about a year, but I’ve already had countless people ask me if adding it to their diets will give them the jump they need to lose weight.

Unfortunately, as in most cases, it’s best not to believe the hype.

While some studies have shown that raspberry ketone increases metabolism in rats, other studies have shown no change at all, and there’s absolutely no evidence that raspberry ketone has any effect on human metabolism.

So, though natural raspberry ketone isn’t bad for you (keep eating raspberries for the nutritional and antioxidant benefits), it probably won’t help you lose weight.

Note that I said “natural” raspberry ketone. That “natural” is important! Many of the supplements you see lining the shelves at the drugstore don’t even contain real raspberry ketone. Since it naturally occurs in very small amounts, many companies have taken to creating synthetic raspberry ketone. And, as I said before, you know how terrible it is to put test-tube-created food products into your body.

We’ll probably always be looking for a magic pill to spur weight loss and help us achieve our weight-loss goals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. The only sure way to lose weight and be healthy is to exercise and eat a healthy, natural, balanced diet.