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MMMM, Coffee!
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MMMM, Coffee!

That phrase is universal among coffee drinkers. Morning time beckons with the rich aroma of coffee and huge corporations have been thriving on the sale of coffee in all forms - foamy, hot, iced, and flavored. Take away someone's coffee break and you're bound to get your block knocked off. I know how that coffee high feels and let me tell you, it's oh so good and soooo bad at the same time.

It is exactly this mixture of good and bad that makes coffee such a dilemma - good in some ways and horrible in others. How can something that tastes so good be so bad for you? Here's how:

Cons of Coffee Consumption

  1. Caffeine is a drug - and coffee is laden with it. Just like any other drug, when you don't give your body its fix, you will start to feel symptoms of withdrawal. Headache, jitters, negative changes in attitude, and an inability to focus are all side effects of caffeine withdrawal.

  2. Coffee is a diuretic - if you are one of those hardcore coffee drinkers, chances are you are also dehydrated. This is especially true if you are not drinking your daily recommended amount of water - half your weight of water in ounces.

  3. Caffeine contributes to osteoporosis - because you have an increased volume of urine, you are also losing calcium. Even moderate consumption of coffee can leave a woman at an increased risk of this bone thinning disease.

  4. Caffeine negatively affects blood vessels - by reducing their tone, flexibility, and function.

The Pretty Side of Caffeine

With all those cons, you might be getting a bit depressed, but don't fret. There is some good that comes out of coffee consumption, such as:

  1. Coffee can help in combating some diseases - which include Parkinson's disease, cirrhosis of the liver, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, and Alzheimer's.

  2. Coffee can help mental performance - when taken in small doses and for short periods of time.

If you do have a hankering for the stuff and just can't shake the feeling then I say go ahead and indulge yourself in a small cup. Make sure the coffee you drink is organic. Conventional coffee is filled with pesticides and chemicals and should be avoided at all costs. Just one more thing; please, oh please do not add any flavored cream to your cup! I also ask that you try green tea as it is a much healthier alternative since it is packed with body-benefiting antioxidants and has fewer negatives than coffee.