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Meditation: Stress Relief and a Flat Belly in 1
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Meditation: Stress Relief and a Flat Belly in 1

If you had to guess the #1 reason that people are not able to achieve their weight loss goals, what would you say?

A better question might be…

What is the #1 reason that YOU haven’t been able to reach your weight loss goals? (If that’s the case for you)

Is time the issue?

That may be a part of it…

Is it the wrong nutrition plan?

Surely it couldn’t be…unless of course you’re not following a Beyond Diet program ;-)

Is it lack of exercise?


It could be any one of those or a combination of many, but the #1 reason that most people struggle to reach their weight loss goals is…


I know you’re nodding your head, because many of us (and this includes me) have way too much stress in our life right now.

Work, family, home, social responsibilities…some days I ask myself, "How in the heck am I supposed to do it all?!"

Sound familiar?

Sure, we all have days that are more stressful than others, but it’s what you do about that stress that has a huge impact on your weight.

Most people (and you may be one of them) have no coping methods in place to healthfully process stress. Instead of working through the stress and finding solutions, you may be ignoring it or letting it build up – which can have a damaging effect on your relationships.

One thing is for sure…

If you don’t have a plan for dealing with stress AND you’re having trouble reaching your weight loss goals, then stress is probably to blame.

Stress-induced weight issues come down to 2 main things…

The 1st is "stress eating."

Now this isn’t a technical term, nor is it a scientific one, but I know you’ve heard it before…and maybe experienced it too.

When life throws us more than we can handle it’s common to turn to food for comfort, and unfortunately for us, it’s usually not the healthy stuff calling out…

It’s the foods made for mindless eating like chips, dips, sugar-filled treats, bread, cheese, and anything else that you think tastes better than stress feels.

It may work for a second, like when the food is in your mouth, but after your body starts trying to figure out what you’ve done and how to digest these sorry excuses for nourishment, you’ll feel heavy and swollen, regretful and defeated, and you may even get a headache or digestive issues.

Stress eating only masks the stress that will still be there after the ice cream is gone. And the worst part is that the binge session will make you feel much worse than the actual stress that you started with.

The 2nd is Cortisol.

Cortisol is the hormone your body releases during times of stress. It is a natural biological reaction that our bodies have been using since the beginning of time to protect us.

The damaging thing about cortisol is that it signals your body to store fat, specifically around your abdomen…yikes…exactly what we don’t want.

That means anytime you’re stressed out, you’re also in fat-storing mode. And if you’re stress eating on top of your body’s natural release of cortisol, you’re really doing major damage to your weight loss goals.

So what can you do to cope with stress without using food as the escape?

Since it’s absolutely impossible to eliminate every single thing in your life that’s causing you stress, you need to know how to control your stress level and regulate your body’s excessive cortisol release.

Today I’m going to talk about one of the most effective ways to accomplish both of these things in the shortest amount of time (remember, we’re all busy here), and with the best results possible.

What is this magic pill?


Now if you’re rolling your eyes, I want you to come on back and hear me out…

I’m not talking about singing Kumbaya for hours a day in a drum circle chanting to the heavens…

I am however talking about a short, easy, private, and incredibly effective strategy that will keep you focused, calm, clear, and best of all…

Give you that flat belly you’ve been after.

You see the reason why people don’t even consider meditation is because it seems boring, or they think they don’t have time, or they don’t know how powerful it really is.

For me, my excuse was the last one. I just didn’t believe it…

I didn’t fully understand how life changing meditation could be until I saw a video of Jerry Seinfeld comparing meditation to his phone charger.

He explained that every day he gave himself this simple charge which boosted his energy, while simultaneously reducing his stress levels. Just like his phone charger gave his phone enough juice for the day, meditation gave him what he needed to get through the day successfully and without stress.

I thought…

I could use a charge too!

What about you?

Jerry’s video wasn’t the first time I had heard people touting the miracles of meditation. My dear friend Craig Ballantyne (who some of you may also know) has shared with me that meditation was one of the primary ways he was able to control his out-of-control anxiety (which he suffered from for years until he started meditating every single day).

Regardless of the results everyone was telling me I would get, I kept having the same reaction…

“Really? Fit one more thing into my already busy day?”

But I have finally found a way around the time crunch too…

A very simple, very effective 3-minute meditation!

I know I can spare 3 minutes a day to relieve stress, re-charge, and regulate my cortisol release for a flat belly.

Within the first 3 days I could already feel a sense of peace about me that wasn’t there before.

>> The groundbreaking 3-minute meditation breakthrough


I have tried the Beyond Diet before but need a bit more. So am going to give this a try. I know am under a lot of stress even though I don't work a regular job. Every days worries of children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers etc. So lets give this a chance.
Mary Ann Cundieff
Will give it a try. Thanks for all the good information. Will keep you posted on my results.