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Making Smart Substitutions on Your Healthy Eating Plan
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Making Smart Substitutions on Your Healthy Eating Plan

I get a lot of questions inside Beyond Diet from people who are following one of our fat-burning meal plans or looking at a recipe and wondering... What do I do if I don't like or can't eat something in a recipe?

There are a lot of reasons you may not be able to eat a certain food - allergies, taste preferences, accessibility - but that doesn't have to stop you from losing weight.

And making substitutions doesn't have to be hard, especially on Beyond Diet. Just be wary that if you're substituting in a food that is NOT Beyond Diet approved, it may slow or stall your weight loss.

For a handy guide to choosing fat-burning substitutes, check out the graphics below.

Substitutions Main

Sugar Sub

Flour Sub

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If you ever need help with making a specific substitution, you can always start a discussion in the Beyond Diet community. Our coaches (and veteran members) can tell you how they would substitute for the given food to help you make the most of your meal plans!

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Darline Vest
Can ya replace the green apple with a different apple
cherie venables
Hi what can I substitute for raw tomatoes.
cherie venables
Hi what can I substitute for raw tomatoes.
cherie venables
Hi what can I substitute for raw tomatoes.
Garry Johnson-Crabtree
Why can you substitute beans as a protein when they are carb rich
Luella Gilliam
Can I use red apples instead of green apple in the menus
Angela  Champagne
Hi, I am new here, looking to find out what I can swap for sliced turkey bas a snack, I don’t like deli meats? Thanks!
Angela  Champagne
Hi, I am new here, looking to find out what I can swap for sliced turkey bas a snack, I don’t like deli meats? Thanks!
Coach Jen
Hi Pamela! Yes you certainly can!
CanI substitute chicken for fish?
Ellen Jensen
Is it ok to use canned coconut milk instead of making it?
Ellen Jensen
Is it ok to use canned coconut milk instead of making it?
Coach Jen
So glad you found that option! These really are a great addition to a BD folder or binder!!
Teen in her 50's
oops, just saw the "PRINT" or "EMAIL" option.
Teen in her 50's
Is there any way you can make the above into PFD attachments that will fit on one page each, they would be GREAT in my BD binder, but copying and paste-ing them makes them blury. Thanks for providing these they are GREAT.
It would be super helpful if the recipes could be filtered to hide foods containing ingredients I can’t use like eggs. Just a suggestion!
Rebecca T.

Joanne- This smoothie is really good! Or you can browse through the breakfast recipes to find a replacement. Finding another muffin recipe would be a good idea because you will notice the muffins are sprinkled in your meal plans through the week to use up the whole batch.

Joanne Charlton
What can I sub the blueberry muffins for on day 2 of livesmart
Coach Chrissy
If it's coconut oil then you could use any other type of healthy oil (avocado oil, olive oil, etc). Or if it's coconut milk you could use almond milk or water depending on the recipe.
Linda Vandeputte
Also allergic to coconut....looking for alternatives???
Lyndsay Lowe
I’m allergic to coconut, what can I substitute with?
Lisa  burns
So I tried the 30 day transformation and loved it but my husband hates avocados and there are so many in the cleanse stage. the substitution list suggest olive oil any other suggestions to replace the avocado. I want us to try it again and him like it this time!
Coach Chrissy

You can purchase SWG Bread at most grocery stores (freezer section). Or try looking up some of our bread recipes in our site that use other flours like coconut flour.

Gail Butterfield
Is there a substitute for SWG flour? Very hard to find SWG flour for a homemade SWG bread recipe. Thank you.
Coach Chrissy

Jennifer - That's because the Gut Renewal Program has a specific way to make substitutions which is outlined in the Gut Renewal Manual.

Jennifer Allen
I’m looking for the page that Isabel talks about in her video on food substitutions. I can’t find the page that shows what foods I can swap if I don’t like it or am allergic. Please help me find that page
Jennifer Allen
It says I don’t have access to the meal substitutions page. Is there a reason for that?
Coach Chrissy
Any other fruit is fine Denise. It just might be the same consistency if you don't use bananas. Frozen fruit is usually best too.
Denise Babinski
Can’t stand bananas and most drinks require them. What are good subs for them?
Coach Chrissy
Hi Kim. Yes, subbing the chicken breasts for thighs is perfectly fine.
Kim A.
Can I sub chicken breast for thighs in the 14 day meal plan?
Coach Chrissy

Any other protein is fine Victoria. Check out the first graphic for more information or FAQ 2 which explains it as well.

Victoria Smith
I just can't face sausages or bacon at breakfast, what else can I eat
Coach Chrissy

Lonna - Since cilantro is an herb it's best to sub them for a different herb. Parsley would be a good substitute.

Any type of steak cut you prefer is fine to use.

Coach Chrissy
Hi Faune - Coconut aminos are made from coconut sap. It is dark, rich, salty and slightly sweet in flavor similar to a light soy sauce. Most health food stores have them (some "regular" stores) or you can order them online.
Lonna Harris
I can’t eat cilantro. Can I substitute broccoli or spinach? Also, is it okay to eat regular grass-fed steak rather than flank steak? I can’tfind a healthy version of that.
Faune Pennuto
could someone tell me about coconut aminos and where? grocery or health food store?
Adila Ahmed
Thanks food substitution chart
A M Brewer
Thank you for the Food Substitution Charts.
Coach Chrissy

Hi Lisa - Check out the fat options in the Food Choices Tool. It will show you other options.

Lisa Spring
I just found out that I have the Alzheimer gene and I'm not supposed to eat saturated fats such as coconut oil or butter. What can I use to cook with instead on this diet?
Coach Chrissy
Carol - You can, but it is higher in mercury than other fish so I wouldn't have it too often. And try to look for wild tuna too.
Carol Nizzardo
Can I have tuna in the can?
Coach Chrissy
Demetria - I suggest subbing them with a different veggie that you prefer. Don't just eliminate them....they provide nutrients and energy!
Demetria Jackson
I don't like eating onions and bell peppers, what do I do? Can I just not use it? I'll cook with it for flavoring and then pick them out.
Coach Chrissy
Katherine - It depends on the recipe, but in general it would be a good substitute.
Katherine Patel
Can I substitute coconut milk for almond milk?