Imagine, Never Fussing Over What's for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Again...

With 28-Days of New, Fat-Burning Meal Plans, Every Month - You Don't Have To!


With 28-Days of New, Fat-Burning Meal Plans, Every Month - You Don't Have To!


Hey, Isabel here.

There’s really no way around it; planning 3 delicious, fat-burning meals-a-day, (plus snacks,) takes time and effort. Especially while you’re still new at it.

And I can tell you, every second you put into preparing inspiring meals that improve your health and get you closer to your weight loss goal, is time well spent.

But I totally understand that not everyone has time for it.

At least a few times a week, I hear from members:


“I simply don’t have time for this! Meal planning is just too time consuming!”


“Do you really expect me to do this every week – I just want to eat healthy and lose weight – is that too much to ask?!”


“I don’t want to have to think about what I’m going to eat, day in, day out, for the rest of my life – HELP!”

And I know as well as anyone how hard it can be to find even a few extra minutes in your daily routine.

But the truth is, proper meal planning is the single biggest factor in your long-term success on Beyond Diet.

Which is why I’m so pleased to tell you, after years of BD members asking, (practically begging,) for a QUICK AND EASY, all-in-one solution that would eliminate all the guesswork, all the research, all the organization, all the time-consuming planning that goes into creating amazingly satisfying and healthy meals...

I’m now able to offer BD members EXACTLY what they had been asking for (and a whole lot more):

28-Days of Fresh,
Completely-Done-For-You Meal Plans, Recipes, and Shopping Lists,
Each and Every Month


This amazing benefit, that more than 35,000 members currently receive, is...

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    Your chance to stay on the “completely done for you” path, and continue making progress toward your weight loss goals, in the easiest way possible, even when life gets hectic...

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    Peace-of-mind you’ll always know exactly what to eat, which ingredients you need, and how to prepare them, for mouth-watering meals and snacks, every day of the month...

  • Member-Review-1

    The ease and simplicity of having step by step guidance, every day, so you never have to wonder if your personal eating plan is getting you closer to your goal...

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    Insider access to exciting recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists – all personally created by me, with YOUR goals in mind, so you can keep slim and NEVER HAVE TO DIET AGAIN...

Every month, you’ll get:

  • Meal-Plan-Icon

    4 Weeks of Fat-Burning Meal Plans Each Month: 28 days of all-new breakfasts, lunches, dinners and 2 snacks a day, so you never get bored or hit a plateau and always know the ideal portion sizes and food ratios. So many members depend on this section every month because it literally saves hours of planning and takes all the guesswork out of day-to-day eating.

  • Recipes-Icon

    Tasty, New, Hand-Picked BD-Approved Recipes: Dig into a variety of my favorite, seasonal recipes every month to keep your taste buds excited and your waistline slim. Why wing it? Let me do the research and taste-testing for you!

  • Shopping-List-Icon

    Weekly Shopping Lists to Simplify Your Trips to the Market: Imagine... no more last minute trips to the supermarket! Stock up on all your ingredients for the week ahead with handy Shopping Lists that ensure you’ll always have what you need for your meals, right in your kitchen.

The best part is, everything is fully integrated into your BD Success Journal...

Success-Journal Success-Journal

So, you can click on specific meals and view complete recipes...

View-Recipe View-Recipe

Add them to your meal tracker...

Adding-Meals Adding-Meals

And save your favorites in your Recipe Box, for later!

My-Recipes My-Recipes

Now, I told you I was going to make eating and weight loss simple for you...

But what I didn’t tell you is that Completely-Done-For-You Meal Planning is just one part of this amazing program, called LiveSmart.

LiveSmart is more than just Meal Planning. It’s an exclusive collection of my best and most timely health, nutrition, and weight loss information...for “Insiders Only”


Let’s face it; there’s more to staying thin and feeling great than just inspiring recipes and amazing variety in your eating...

If you want to reach and maintain your goal weight, and I know you do... you need to stay excited, motivated and enthusiastic about healthy living...

And LiveSmart is just the program to help you stay focused on your goals and feeling your best.

It’s the next best thing to having your own personal nutritionist, life coach and fitness instructor drop by to chat about the very best tips and strategies for lasting weight loss and looking fabulous, every month! And it’s filled with just the type of advice, motivation, and practical tools you can use to stay on track and feeling AWESOME, every single day.

Each month is a little different than the last, but you’ll always find these sections designed to make your life easier and keep you well-informed about your health:

A Letter from me, Isabel Letter-From-Isabel Letter-From-Isabel

A Letter from me, Isabel -This is where I share my personal experiences with life, health and family and show you how to make your weight loss journey both enjoyable and effortless. It’s where I give you a glimpse into my day-to-day routines, including the struggles and victories, with important takeaways you can put to use in your own life.

BD Success Story Interview Success-Story Success-Story

BD Success Story Interview - Always inspiring, this is where I highlight the success of real members who are living and loving Beyond Diet, with amazing results. You’ll get their personal stories, along with practical tips you can use right away, with tricks and healthy advice from real people, for losing the most weight.

Miraculous Recipe Makeovers Treat-Yourself Treat-Yourself

Miraculous Recipe Makeovers - Get step-by-step advice on how to transform your favorite comfort foods into delicious BD-approved, fat burning dishes that you’ll positively love.

The Monthly “Hot Topic” Report Coconut-Oil Coconut-Oil

The Monthly “Hot Topic” Report - This is where I clear up the myths and misinformation surrounding the latest weight loss trends, nutritional rumors and news reports. Whether it’s detoxing, taking supplements, the raw food diet, or the next big thing people are talking about, leave it to me to do the research and let you know if it’s worth your time.

LiveSmart is also your regular reminder that you are not alone in your weight loss efforts!

Of course, I’m here for you every day inside of Beyond Diet, but with this monthly pick-me-up I’m also checking in on a regular basis to give you advice and support when you need it.

With this monthly pick-me-up I’m checking in on a regular basis to give you advice and support when you need it.

And it’s not just packed with the latest eating ideas, useful tools and articles to keep you motivated...

You’ll also tag along for trips to the farmer’s market, join me for workout sessions, and get cooking tips and tricks with my Coaching Videos

Exercise-Video Exercise-Video

Every month you’ll get brand new Coaching Videos (that you can stream from your computer, phone or tablet) with step-by-step, follow-my-lead instructions on how to cook, shop, plan and live a healthy lifestyle, just like I do.

My Coaching Videos cover every aspect of healthy living, so you know how to make smart choices about your wellness today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

In every LiveSmart, you’ll find:

Exercise Videos:

Get a toned physique, increase your strength, and send your fat-burning into overdrive with new exercises every month.

QA-Video Cooking Videos:

I’ll show you hands-on, how to make delicious BD-approved dishes with proven techniques and strategies to maximize your time in the kitchen.

Question & Answer Videos:

I answer member submitted questions from YOU so that you always know what’s best for fast and safe results.

QA-Video Surprise Videos:

Anything is possible... meet health professionals, get home remedies to avoid and overcome sickness, learn to navigate a farmer’s market, supermarket, or take a tour of my kitchen...

As you can see, LiveSmart is just what members like you have been asking for all these years... and I’ve put my heart into making it the all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to simplify their weight loss journey and stay inspired to keep eating healthy, month in and month out.

And because all of this fresh, monthly inspiration is created with you and your goals in mind, you’ll never get bored, never get stuck in a rut and never gain a single pound back!

Now that you have a better idea of what LiveSmart is all about, I want you to think about the new life you’re about to create for yourself...

And ask yourself how you’re going to stay motivated, inspired and excited, not just today, not just next month, but for many years to come.

  • Orange-Arrow

    Do you fear you may fall off the weight-loss track when life gets busy or distracting?

  • Orange-Arrow

    Do you worry you’ll eventually grow bored of cooking the same recipes and cycling through the same meals, over and over?

  • Orange-Arrow

    Does the idea of having to come up with new and interesting eating ideas on a regular basis stress you out?

  • Orange-Arrow

    Would you like to guarantee you’ll never again struggle to keep losing weight because your healthy eating plan just isn’t exciting or convenient enough?

If your answer is “YES” – then LiveSmart is the complete solution for simplifying your eating, your health and your life.

If your answer is “YES” – then LiveSmart is the complete solution for simplifying your eating, your health and your life.

I can’t tell you how many members absolutely love LiveSmart and all of the eating ideas and special content in every issue.

Take Jennifer K, who wrote in to say:

“I literally count the days till the next issue... It is in electronic format, and also comes with several videos each month that can be streamed... The videos are so helpful and informative, and it is fun to see the personal side of all of you as well... The monthly eating plan along with recipes is always full of new ideas for when the old recipe plans become too familiar... It is awesome!”

Or Judy, who wanted me (and everyone else) to know:

“I really do believe the monthly issues are worth it. After I finished the 14 days I wasn’t sure what to do next so I kept doing the same plan until I bought the LiveSmart and it gave me better insight. I am down 41 pounds (with more to go) and like the recipes, articles (i.e. guide to sweeteners, purchasing organics on a budget, hype to wheat), and monthly exercises.”

And Theresa L. who shared this inspiring message with the entire community:

“I've been feeling fantastic. Eating just good food is working amazing for me. I especially enjoy LiveSmart meal plans. Oh what a difference this new habit of eating healthy has done for my figure.”

Jennifer, Judy, and Theresa are just a few of the Beyond Diet members who are living the BD life and loving the results, with a little extra help from LiveSmart. And I can’t wait to see what you accomplish along your journey.

As a new member of our close-knit BD community, I want to make it as simple as possible for you to start receiving LiveSmart...

That way you can get access to all the most up-to-date nutrition and weight loss information, the coaching videos, the 28 days of time-saving meal plans each month, the seasonal recipes, the helpful shopping lists in each issue, the success stories, and everything else I’ve mentioned on this page, immediately.

Now, I truly wish I could make this exclusive program available to every single member of Beyond Diet. But the truth is, this is a very special benefit...

A program that I put countless hours into every month... to save time in your day, to simplify your life, to keep you inspired and focused. And most of all, to make sure you never feel alone in your weight loss journey.

When I put together this product I thought about what I’d normally charge for a one-on-one nutrition consultation and just one week’s worth of custom meal plans and recipes...

Hearth-Icon Circle-Icon2 Circle-Icon3 Circle-Icon4 Circle-Icon5 Circle-Icon6 Circle-Icon7

And you have my word, I would never even consider asking you for that kind of money, regardless of what it’s worth.

Because I know just how important it is for you to have all the help available to you at this crucial time in your transformation,

That’s why I’m going to make this program as affordable as possible, so you can enjoy all the benefits and get the results you’re after, without having to spend hours and hours every month to continue losing weight and without having to take out a loan from the bank.

And right now,

I’m giving you the chance to lock in the lowest price available to receive LiveSmart: Just $14.95 a month, for:

I’m giving you the chance to lock in the lowest price available to receive LiveSmart: Just $14.95 a month, for:

  • Green-Checkmark

    28 days of BD approved Meal Plans and fat-burning recipes so that you always know what to eat

  • Green-Checkmark

    Practical information with easy takeaways you can use every day

  • Green-Checkmark

    Informative articles that delve deep into the latest trends in weight loss and health so that you’re always in-the-know

  • Green-Checkmark

    BD All Stars who give you real-world advice on how to maximize Beyond Diet for lasting results

  • Green-Checkmark

    Answers to all your questions to keep you motivated so that you never diet again

  • Green-Checkmark

    Special videos that cover everything from exercise for every level, to cooking for the whole family so that you always know what to do in any situation

LiveSmart-Spread2 Monthly-Spread2

And I’m positive you’ll agree that LiveSmart is an amazing resource – and that $14.95 is a great price for everything it gives you...

But I’m still going to make this decision even easier!

Just like all of my Beyond Diet programs, LiveSmart is covered by my “Happiness Guarantee” –

Desktop-Guarantee Mobile-Guarantee

That means if for any reason, you decide LiveSmart isn’t right for you, you have a full 60 days to call and cancel for a full refund. In other words, you can try this program out for yourself, use my meal plans, try my recipes, use all the tools and information for 2 months...

And if you don’t LOVE it, and find it to be exactly what you need to reach and maintain your goal weight, then no problem at all... just call or email my Member Support Team at:


Call: 1-800-815-1941



Call: 1-800-815-1941


And we’ll cancel your subscription... it’s that easy! But chances are, you’ll love LiveSmart just as much as Susan and Lori..

“LiveSmart will help me a lot – besides the recipes and the meal plans, there are lots of good articles to read and help motivate. I also got the videos that were offered and have enjoyed them, especially the ones showing Isabel’s refrigerator, freezer, and pantry – very helpful as I begin to organize things!!!”

- Susan M

“If you haven’t signed up for LiveSmart, I highly recommend it! The meal plans are so handy. I use them as a guide, incorporate what I already have in my pantry and make the necessary adjustments. It’s a money and time saver! Thanks Isabel!”

- Lori

Think back to a couple weeks ago, when you were learning the ropes and enjoying your “14 days of Super Charged Meal Plans”...


Think back to a couple weeks ago, when you were learning the ropes and enjoying your “14 days of Super Charged Meal Plans”...


Remember how easy it was to lose weight...

  1. When you didn’t have to think about what or how much you were going to eat?
  2. When every last detail was planned out in advance for you?
  3. When there was never any doubt as to which ingredients you needed for the week ahead?
  4. When you were 100% confident your portion sizes were on point?
  5. When you didn’t have to take the time to look for new recipes you were excited about eating?
  6. When you never wasted any ingredients and you could always make use of your leftovers later in the week?

LiveSmart gives you that same experience, so all you have to do is follow my lead to wonderful eating and effortless weight loss!

And now the choice is in your hands..

So, if you’re ready to take all the guesswork out of eating and want me to do it all for you, simply click the button below to receive your first digital installment of LiveSmart, immediately...

Get LiveSmart for just $14.95 a month!