Your favorite jeans don't fit like they used to?

You're only 9-days away from the OLD you! Rid your body of excess toxins without counting calories or juice-only fad diets. Enjoy whole delicious foods while you lose weight, gain energy, and reset your habits in just 9 days.

Get Slim

Eat More. Lose More. Yep. You heard that right.

Does “cleanse” make you think of drinking gallons of water while you eat a stick of celery and an apple slice a day?

That doesn’t sound too super. In fact, it sounds horrible. And it is!

We know that your body needs food to thrive. In fact, the more natural anti-inflammatory foods you eat (like sweet potatoes, berries, and more), the more your body flushes out nasty toxins, reduces bloating, and starts to let go of stubborn weight gain.

So to really cleanse – you need to eat!

Eat delicious foods while you detox, remove toxins, and lose weight?

Yeah. That sounds pretty incredible.

The meal plans in the BD superCleanse contain only whole, healing foods that can help you feel your best, and none of the ingredients that cause inflammation and damage your body.

The BD superCleanse includes:


A 3-phase cleanse (3 days each) designed to detox your body the safest and most effective way possible.


9 days of done-for-you meal plans


36 delicious recipes that are table-ready in under 30 minutes.


Full shopping lists to make grocery shopping easy.


A superCleanse calendar to track your progress.


Daily Affirmations to keep you motivated.

1 Million Happy Members

For the last decade, over a million members have trusted us with their weight loss goals. And those members are very happy with the results.

Nutrition You Can Trust

Our programs are backed by 700 peer-reviewed scientific studies. No fads or gimmicky diets. Just science-based nutrition that gets results.

A Small Investment for Big Change

You don’t have to live with achy joints, painful bloating, and the feeling that you’ll never get your body to change.

A detox is a fresh start.

A new chance to reset your eating habits and get excited about making healthy choices.

An opportunity to cleanse your body and make you want to take another picture with your kids.

A healthy life you can be proud of is only 9 days away. And it’s yours for less than what you pay for coffee each week. Seriously, it's less than $15.

You can be a strong, energized, super woman.

The time for a superCleanse is now!

I want to look great