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How to Salad the Beyond Diet Way
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How to Salad the Beyond Diet Way

Get The Brand-New Salad Recipes Hard-Copy (126 Mouth-Watering Salad Recipes!)
For Just $14.95."

Do you think salads are "boring"? If so, then wait till you see what you've been missing!
Isabel De Los Rios, author of best-selling The Beyond Diet program, recently asked her customers and fans to share their favorite salad and salad dressing recipes.
What happened next was amazing...
Hundreds of people from around the world sent in an outstanding variety of mouth-watering, exotic and super-nutrious salad recipes!
Easy-to-prepare salads that can help make weight loss fun, fast and easier.
Isabel was deeply touched and inspired. So she got to work and spent countless hours to thoroughly review and approve each item, organize everything and then add in some of her very own favorite recipes.
Now, we're proud to present the brand-new The Beyond Diet Salad Recipes Printed Book, an illustrated collection of 126 easy-to-prepare recipes that are guaranteed to delight your taste buds and help you achieve your weight loss goals! And as a Preferred Customer, you can get it delivered right to your door for $29.95  just $14.95 (plus S/H).

"What's Included When I Order?"


Now you can enjoy The Beyond Diet Salad Recipes in a high-quality, professionally-produced hard-copy package! Here's what you will get:



Salad Recipes Printed Book (139 pages, soft-cover 6x9 book)



This is the definitive collection of 126 mouth-watering, easy to prepare and 100% Isabel approved salad recipes! 


If you want to achieve fast and lasting weight loss, then it is essential that you keep your foods new, fun and interesting.


Otherwise, eating the same thing again and again can lead to boredom and abandonment. 


That's why this recipe book is the perfect complement to your Beyond Diet program!


This printed book is packed with an outstanding variety of 126 mouth-watering, exotic and super-nutrious salad recipes! Most salads include a picture or illustration too, as well as listing the contributor.


Here are just some of the delicious kinds of salad that you'll discover inside the book:




You won't find anything like this anywhere else. And reading the printed book is much more enjoyable for most people than reading it on a computer screen!

Don't Wait – Get Your Book Now!!!