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How a Smoothie Can Save Your Entire Day
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How a Smoothie Can Save Your Entire Day

Allow me to introduce you to my good friend John…

John is a hard working dad with 2 young boys who want to spend every waking moment with their daddy. They pretty much consider daddy a super hero and the most fun guy on the planet. Mommy is fine to provide meals and kiss “boo boos”, but when everything else is considered, John is their man.

Of course for a father this is a wonderful thing, but it can also leave a guy tired. Not to mention, he holds down a job and volunteers at the local school as an assistant football coach.

“Daddy can you build this Lego?”

“Coach, can you take me through that drill again?”

“John, can you have that document complete by end of day?”

John’s day is pretty jam packed. I mean, whose isn’t right?

Here’s the problem…

John started seeing a pattern in his day that was not boding well for him, his body, or his health. Because of the demands that begin the second he opens his eyes in the morning (a 3 year old has no mercy), he often leaves the house for the day without having eaten anything but a few bites of leftover banana or a handful of almonds he’d steal from his wife’s lunch bag (grrrrr).

By mid-morning, John’s stomach is “talking to him” and by lunch time, he’s starving. So hungry in fact that his lunch would almost always go down an unhealthy road. Even with good intentions, he would over eat out of pure starvation (I know we can all relate).

You may have similar demands that keep you far from the kitchen and the food you know you should be eating.

Enter the morning smoothie to the rescue!

Thankfully, John’s wife Susan is a pretty healthy gal (and she’s a cutie as well).

After seeing the toll his lack of food was taking, Susan started throwing a bunch of “random” items into the blender in the morning and calling it John’s morning power smoothie.

Actually, there wasn’t really anything really “random” about the recipe. Susan followed a simple outline to create a delicious, nutrient rich, filling smoothie that immediately halted John’s lunch time disasters.

Here’s how she did it…

    • 1 cup milk – raw milk, homemade coconut milk, or homemade almond milk

    • 1 serving fruit – 1 apple, 1 small banana, 1 cup strawberries, or blueberries (fresh or frozen)

    • 1 serving green vegetable – 1 handful kale or spinach

    • 1 scoop Daily Energy

    • 1 healthy fat – 1 ounce nuts or seeds, or ¼ avocado

Susan figured, with the above recipe, even if nothing else went right in John’s day, at least he’d start out consuming a good balance of many of the vital nutrients he needed for his busy day.

Better yet, it fit perfectly into the Beyond Diet plan. Each smoothie contained approximately a good combination of protein, carbs, and fat (depending on exactly what was chosen that morning).

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Here’s another wonderful thing that happened…

Because John started his day off so well, he would make better choices the rest of the day. Because he started the day off strong, he did not want to “mess it up”.


So, how about you…

How are you starting each day? And how’s that affecting the rest of your day?

Maybe you don’t have a Susan in your kitchen who can create this smoothie every morning, but guess what? YOU can be Susan and start your day in the same way that John does – it’s so easy!

You can win your entire day by winning the morning.

If you’re pressed for time or your life gets just as busy as John’s, win your morning by making a delicious morning smoothie. Or make it at night and freeze – then grab and go in the morning!

You can start with this one...

John’s Power Morning Smoothie

    • 1 cup homemade coconut milk

    • 1 small banana

    • 1 handful raw spinach

    • 1 scoop Daily Energy

    • ¼ avocado

    • Ice as desired

    Blend, drink and take on the day!

»Save your entire day with 1 scoop of Daily Energy.