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Healthy Is the New Thin
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Healthy Is the New Thin

“Healthy is the new thin” suggests a recent article in Business Insider where it highlights how the diet industry is slowly dying, and an emphasis on health is what most Americans are now focused on.

My response to “The diet industry is dying as a new mentality takes hold in America”….

“Hallelujah!!!!” (Imagine arms raised up in excitement).

I am thrilled to hear that people are finally dropping the notion that “dieting” is what their body needs and alternatively focusing on long term health goals as their #1 motivation.

Whereas “dieting” can many times mean restriction to healthy foods and the use of synthetic alternatives to fat as the method of weight loss. Focusing on healthy lifestyle programs that include natural and wholesome ingredients are what Americans are now gravitating towards.

As a holistic nutritionist, this is music to my ears.

For years, myself and other health professionals have been encouraging people to drop the chemicals in diet sodas and the synthetic ingredients in most diet foods and instead focus on an eating plan that strengthens your heart, immune system and other vital organs in an effort to feel great for a lifetime.

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As a result of this change in focus, many Americans are now embracing a healthy, well-nourished body image than the skinny, gaunt frames of the past.

With slogans like “Strong Is the New Sexy”, women are now focused on looking strong, muscular and fit, rather than skinny and undernourished.

Calorie counting is also dying a slow death as followers of the strong and healthy movement are no longer focused on how many calories a particular food contains, but more focused on the ingredients in that food.

Many now choosing products like coconut water over artificially sweetened diet drinks.

The word is out and Americans are now responding. Torturous, calorie restrictive diets filled with synthetic chemicals are now becoming a thing of the past. Healthy, nourishing, delicious eating is now the “in thing”.

Thank goodness! Life is just too short to spend your time calculating every last calorie and torturing yourself with potentially harmful food.

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