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Don't Let Party Drinks Bring You Down: 3 Thirst Quenching Tips
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Don't Let Party Drinks Bring You Down: 3 Thirst Quenching Tips

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes picnics, barbecues, and a number of other opportunities for fun and feast. While most people know too many sweet treats and savory eats can lead to health problems and weight gain, we sometimes forget about the hidden sugars and other additives in typical party beverages. Check out these alternatives to traditional "party drinks" that will keep you cool all summer long.

Water Make water your best friend...especially during the hot summer months. Naturally flavored water can add the extra taste you need without anything you don't. Try some of these super easy, super cheap, and deliciously refreshing combinations!

Citrus & Cucumber Water
Combine one sliced lemon, lime, orange, and cucumber with a half gallon of water. Let it chill for 30 - 60 minutes to absorb the flavors, and enjoy!

What it does for you: Cucumber is a cooling agent that hydrates skin, increases metabolism, and provides vitamins and nutrients for the body. Lemon, lime, and orange also combine to benefit your skin and aid in weight loss. This citrus trio helps cleanse your system of toxins, and provides many antioxidants and vitamins your body needs.

Lemon & Mint Water
Combine 4 sliced lemons and 1 1/2 cups of firmly packed fresh mint leaves with 6-8 cups of water. Let it chill for 30 - 60 minutes to soak up the flavors, and enjoy!

What it does for you: Mint serves as a natural breath freshener (who couldn't use that at a BBQ?), relieves GI issues like indigestion, and contains antioxidants that help your overall health. Lemon cleanses the liver, thus enabling your body to more efficiently burn fat.

As many of you know, I love tea! Iced tea is one of my favorite drinks to have on hand during the summer because it tastes great AND keeps you hydrated. This recipe for Tea Juice is one of my warm weather go-tos.

Tea Juice
Pour 3 quarts of boiling water over 5-6 bags of caffeine-free herbal tea (peach, mint, chamomile, etc.) in a large pot. Add stevia (to taste) while tea is hot. Let the tea cool, remove tea bags, transfer tea to a serving pitcher or individual water bottles, and refrigerate.

Alcoholic beverages can be a temptation for many in social settings. While alcohol intake is not ideal for weight loss, it's okay to have an occasional drink. Here are some tips for your alcohol intake:

  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with water - Stay hydrated with a big glass of water after every drink (you'll thank me the day after).
  • Try a wine spritzer - Half organic wine, half soda water, all taste!
  • Stick to clear liquor - Vodka is the "healthiest" option. Choose one made from potatoes, like Chopin, or a sulfite free variety, like Skyy.
  • Make it on the rocks - The intense taste will make you drink slowly. If that's too much, mix in soda water or tonic, but avoid fruit and soda mixers.

Enjoy any party with these easy-to-use tips and tricks to staying on track while under pressure. Summer may present a lot of temptations, but preparation is the best tool for combating stressful situations and achieving your goals!