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Do These 2 Things for a Faster Metabolism (copy this free meal plan!)
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Do These 2 Things for a Faster Metabolism (copy this free meal plan!)

Supercharge your slow metabolism using these 2 tips (plus your free sample meal plan!)

I didn’t always have a good metabolism. From my early teens well into after I graduated from college I really struggled with my weight.

It always felt like no matter what I ate I could never lose weight or, even worse, I was always slowly gaining weight.

Thankfully with the right information (yes, exactly what’s in the Beyond Diet Program) that excess weight is now a thing of the past. Not only has my body been able to stay healthy and lean, my metabolism is now cranking on full speed.

How exactly did I do it? How did I take a turtle paced metabolism and get it to lose 30 pounds and keep it off?

With a whole lot of metabolism boosting foods.

Specifically, I have 2 secret weapons I incorporate into every single meal for the ideal metabolism boosting effect.

Here’s exactly how you can do the same…

1. Include a protein into every meal — You’ll see how I do this specifically in the sample meal plan below, but you want to be sure you have a natural source of healthy protein in every one of your meals.

This will ensure your blood sugar stays balanced all day long, preventing any cravings or hunger from sneaking into your day. It will also keep your metabolism strong all day.

2. Get the right dose of Omega-3s every day from a clean, high-quality source — This is another absolute staple when your goal is to get rid of stubborn fat. Getting enough quality Omega-3s can be the difference between weight loss success and failure.

I have seen this with my clients again and again. Not only does weight loss accelerate once they begin consistently taking Omega-3s, they also report feeling less hungry and experience fewer cravings while transitioning to a new way of eating.

p.s. Here's the exact Omega 3 I use every single day.

What does a typical day of metabolism boosting eating look like? Here’s a sample day…

Isabel's Metabolism-Boosting Meal Plan

7:00am (Breakfast):

Chocolate Banana Oatmeal, Daily Energy Green Drink and 1 Spring of Life Omega-3 capsule.

It is critical to start your day off with a healthy dose of protein. So after I make my gluten free oats, I add a scoop of plant based protein powder to it. Then I add some fruit (usually ½ banana or a handful of berries) and some raw cacao for a nutritional punch. Delicious!

Get the full recipe here »

Take a look at your current breakfast: does it contain a healthy serving of protein? If you're not an oatmeal fan, eggs are also a great option.

Many people have a hard time remembering to take their supplements throughout the day, which is why I pair my Omega-3 supplement with my meals. When I prepare my breakfast, I am automatically reminded that it's time to take this critical supplement.

10:00am (Snack):

1 ounce raw almonds or cashews with 1 cup chopped carrots and celery

If I'm having a really productive work day, sometimes I can forget about my snack. That's why I make it as easy as possible for myself by having a bag of raw nuts and some fresh veggies available at all times.

12:00pm (Lunch):

4-5 ounces wild salmon or cod (if I have some leftovers in the fridge) or a can wild salmon (this makes lunch super easy), over about 1 cup sautéed veggies with ½ cup cooked quinoa or rice on the side.

Get the full recipe here »

I have another Spring of Life Omega-3 capsule with lunch.

There's that protein again. You'll notice that it's in every meal. But you'll also notice there's a healthy portion of carbohydrates in there as well.

A big mistake people make is thinking they need to go completely carbohydrate-free to lose weight. Not true. Healthy high-fiber carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, squash, quinoa, rice, and oats are great to include in your meals alongside your protein.

3:00pm (Snack):

2 tablespoons raw almond butter drizzled over 1 cup mixed berries.

More protein with a healthy carbohydrate... I really do keep each meal balanced while including plenty of fruits and veggies!

6:00pm (Dinner):

4-5 ounces turkey meatballs with zucchini noodles and tomato sauce, with a small green salad with my Famous Salad Dressing.

Get the full recipe here »

I have 1 last Spring of Life Omega-3 capsule to supercharge my metabolism at dinner!

I tend to keep my evening meal to mostly protein and vegetables, consuming most of my carbohydrates during the day. Notice that protein is always there though... it's a critical component in every meal.

Yes, I take an Omega-3 supplement 3 times each day. I have noticed that my Omega-3 supplement is as critical to my health as all the healthy food I eat throughout the day, so I never want to forget to take it.


Peppermint tea sweetened with stevia.

I like to sip on tea while I read books to my kids. I so look forward to this time in the evening... it really helps me unwind from the busy day.

Remember, if your metabolism has been on slow motion in the past, you can easily get it back on track.

Start by implementing my 2 metabolism boosters –

Protein in every meal and the right amount of Omega 3’s every single day.

If you're not already taking a high-quality Omega-3 supplement, I can't urge you enough to start right away.

This is the brand I use daily and highly recommend: Isabel's Favorite Omega-3 Supplement »

I know you're going to see a significant difference in your weight loss results once you start taking these Omega-3s each and every day. Start your critical metabolism boosters today! »


Coach Chrissy

Unfortunately Spring of Life just doesn't ship outside the US right now but it doesn't mean you still can't find quality products. And email doesn't allow us to differentiate where you live, but keep in mind you don't have to purchase these products to still be healthy and lose weight.

Coach Chrissy

Maria - I suggest you read This Article on Omega-3's to learn how Isabel chooses her fish oil.

Coach Chrissy

Janine - The 2nd FAQ explains how to make substitutions.

Coach Chrissy

Patricia - Omega-3's actually help with inflammation and arthritis. You can read more about it in this article: 3 Powerful Foods That Fight Inflammation.

Carmen  E
I like this brand of omega 3,took.
I can't find where to get to Phase 2
I am an Australian and have previously used your programs. Still read emails, websites to know the latest. However, I do not expect you to cater to all countries in terms of product availability. Moved to comment as I feel you have given value for money with what I have purchased from you.
Moira Hendrickx
I’m in the UK. I can’t get the advertised products so instead I’ve taken note of the ingredients and nutritional values (zoomed in on labels when I checked out the website) and purchased similar products available here. I have experienced a general feeling of health and vitality. I have even lost a little weight even though I eat larger portions of protein than the exact recipe amounts. I hope you find equally good products - it’s worth the effort 😁
Patricia  Johnson
I have generalized arthritis and cannot take antiflammatory medications. I've read so many articles that said Omega-3's cause arthritis to be worse. Is this true?
Janine Luzzi
What can you eat in place of tree nuts (almonds, cashews, (raw, milk, butter) if you have a tree nut allergy?
Maria Giles
I live in Australia. What brand omega 3 do you recommend,
Judy Forget
We in Canada 🇨🇦 can’t purchase your protein powder. It’s very frustrating . We in Canada should not be receiving those emails or the meal plans with the product that we can’t even purchase .
Valeriia Kolupaieva
Hi Gary, I agree with you here completely. Same is for other recommended items like coffee, broth or meat producer :(
Bonnie Baas
I want to buy your products , but not available in Canada
Diane Clement
I have also tried to buy your products and they were not available to be sent to Canada.